A great way for kids to take their musical skills to the next level!  Our 12 week band classes teach kids how to work and play together as a group.  

"Thank you so much for a great week, Daniel! Kimia had a blast! I am so impressed how you coordinated music for and coached 10 kids with disparate backgrounds to play together in just a couple of days. And they got noticeably better each day:) Even though Kimia had literally just started the guitar a couple of days before camp you made her an integral part of the group. It was exactly what she needed to jump start her musical ambitions. Thank you very much,"
-Cris, parent

"Thank you for another wonderful musical experience for Jack! As a parent, it is my favorite camp of the summer. You do an amazing job. Jack will continue with your Saturday Middle School band again so keep us in the communication loop."

-Kristi, parent

Rockory's band classes allow children and teens to put their musical skills to use in a fun, social environment.  The experience promotes artistic expression, teamwork, and leadership.  Classes are from 3 to 8 students.  Each participant chooses a song for the group to learn and perform at the final concert. The instructor arranges songs according to the groups' interest and abilities, and then guides the cooperative learning process.


WHEN  Offered in Fall and Spring semesters.  12 weekly practices at Rockory, final concert located at Kirkland Teen Union Building, downtown Kirkland. Detailed rehearsal schedule listed on the school calendar. Please get in touch if interested in signing up!

Fall 2019 classes:

• Classes will start in the first or second week of October. 2 groups will likely form: a high school group and a middle school group. Rehearsal times are TBA. The groups will choose between 4 rehearsal time options: Tuesdays at 6pm-7pm, Fridays at 5pm-6pm, Saturdays at 11:00am-12:00pm, or Sundays 12:00pm-1:00pm.

 • Final Concert for both bands will be held on: Friday, January 31st, 2020, 7:00pm at the Kirkland Teen Union Building, downtown Kirkland. All participants in band must agree to final concert date prior to registering.

WHO  Children and teens ages 9-17.  All instruments welcome.  Must be able to play instrument.

TUITION  $365.  Includes 12 rehearsals, materials, and final concert.