Individual instruction provides the attention needed to master technique, ear training, an understanding of music theory, and complete familiarity with your instrument.

Private lessons at Rockory are founded on the basis of a great relationship between the student and teacher.  We first offer a free trial lesson to find the best fit of a teacher for each stdudent.  Lessons are multidimensional, covering repertoire in the chosen style, technique, ear training, music theory, muscle memory, tone, how to practice, and more.  Through it all, communication is the most important, and a great match between our faculty and the student is the top priority.  The teacher will guide the student in creating a personal musical goal.

GENRES  Jazz, Rock, Classical, R&B, Reggae, World Music.
INSTRUMENTS  Piano, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Drumset, Ukulele, Voice, Recorder

TUITION  $37 for a 30 minute lesson, $47 for a 45 minute lesson, $57 for a one-hour lesson.

FORMAT  September to June: weekly 30 minute lessons.  45min and 60 minute also available.  Summer Lessons: available on any week throughout July and August.

AGES  Children ages 5 +, teens, and adults are welcome.  Beginning to advanced levels.

Working on rhythmic independence