Classes in Recording, Composing, and Arranging. 


Audio and midi recording, music synthesis, and arranging using Protools, FL Studio, Logic, Finale.

For those students interested in writing their own songs and compositions, we offer lessons in home recording, to show how to get those ideas down independently.  Today's composer needs to have the ability to record alone at a professional quality.  Using only a computer, microphone, and software, today's recording artists can preview their finished compositions at home before heading into an expensive recording studio. Whether recording live sessions or creating beats and manipulating sounds with music synthesis, students at Rockory have access to the latest audio software and a spacious facility for personal or ensemble projects.

We prepare our students for this with interdisciplinary recording lessons.  These can be either concurrent or separate from instrument lessons.  Arranging music requires knowledge of theory, and harmony.  So these elements are combined with teaching the skills of current music technology.

WHEN  Year round lessons.

WHO  Ages 5 and up.  No experience necessary, some instrumental skills is a plus!

TUITION  Same as private instrumental lessons. $40 half hour, $50 for 45 minutes, $60 per hour


Studio Rental

The recording studio, which includes live room and control room is also available for hourly rental to the public.  The live room is capable of recording ensembles of up to 10 people with 16 track Tascam interface recording into Protools 11.3. The Mac Pro in the control room also has Kontakt Komplete sample libraries and FL Studio with software synthesizers. There are various options of midi controllers, headphone and speaker monitoring available. Please contact us for rates and availability.